M&M’s and lots of ’em!

M&M’s. I love ’em! I can’t get enough of them and apparently neither can a lot of other people. Every time M&M/Mars comes out with a new flavor people go crazy for them. When Wildly Cherry came out in the spring the stores couldn’t keep them on the shelves. My “tent” had a hard time keeping up with demand. I hope that the people at M&M see the error of their ways and will bring back the cherries. I had a huge stockpile of them and have finally sold my very last one. I still have plenty of the other flavors though. Peanut Butter, Almond and the Indiana Jones Mint Crisp M&M’s are particularly well liked. Come see them at my tent: www.omarstent.com Who knows? You might get hooked on ’em too! Jim Thomasson

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