The Dark Knight is Back! In Reese’s Pieces that is.

The Dark Knight Reese’s Pieces are back! I have had the hardest time getting these from my supplier. Apparently Reese’s didn’t make that many of them and the demand has been greater than the supply. I just don’t know how much longer they will be available. If Reese’s is anything like M&M I believe that once Labor Day hits the Dark Knight products along with the Indiana Jones promotion at M&M will be a distant memory.
I have been able to capture some though and have listed them in the store. Check them out here and see how they do:
I was also able to get my hands on the ever elusive Dark Chocolate Bats. These too will be all but gone by the end of Labor Day. You can check them out here and see how they fare:
If you haven’t seen the Dark Knight then GO SEE IT! and take some of these Reese’s Pieces with you. You’ll love every minute of it!
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