Nightmare Before Christmas

Recently I was getting the house ready for the coming holidays. I was cleaning a closet in my office and came across a box labelled Halloween. In the box were some Jack Skellington items I bought 3 or 4 years ago and completely forgot about. In looking at them I remembered why I bought them. They’re really nice. I found a Jack Skellington doll in a coffin presentation box. Also a Sally doll in the same type box. There is a box of Nightmare Before Christmas Figurines and there is also a Jack Skellington head with a black cat standing on top as a candle holder. They are great for this time of year. i bought them at the Disney Store to use at Halloween. But now that I see them and because I already have too much for Halloween I thought I’d see if anyone else might like them. I haven’t seen any of these out at the stores since the year that i purchased them. They are all in there boxes and have never been displayed. Take a look and let me know what you think.Oh I almost forgot. There is this great mug with Jack and Ooglie Booglie on it. I have not seen this one anywhere since the day I bought it.

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