Bring the continent to you

When I was younger I did a great deal of traveling. I toured throughout North America. All over the US and a great deal of time in Canada and Mexico. My favorite excursions were spent in Europe. Especially in Germany, the UK and Ireland.  Most of time in Germany was spent in the city of Cologne. What a beautiful city. Full of history, culture and wonderful people. Now that my wife and I have been raising a family our opportunity to travel has been diminished. I know once the kids are older we will be able to go abroad. For now we satisfy ourselves with that which reminds us of where we have been and where we want to go.

Italy is definitely on our list. The beauty and history of this place speaks to us. Recently I have come across some products made in Italy that capture some of the feelings that draw us to it. This plate for example makes you yearn for the villages and streets of northern Italy and the restaurants the locals use.

German summers are especially beautiful. This Konitz mega mug captures the fun of a German summer!  Or how about this French inspired mug! This is one of my favorites.  When circumstances don’t allow you to make the trips you long for, sometimes just a small thing that reminds you of that place will get you through.

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  1. Brenda says:

    I REMEMBER Cologne and can swear you were there!!

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