The Brain Drain

It sneaks up on you. This getting older stuff. I’m not old, but I am getting older. I’m out of my 20’s (thank god!) and I’ll leave it at that. But I think my hard drive is a bit full. Or maybe comparisons to Tivo or a DVR are more appropriate. Nowadays new information comes in and the old info is recorded over.  Stuff I used to know by rote is a bit sketchy.

Here’s a shameless plug. Looking at something like this is helpful when I have a Dory moment.

Anyway, working, running a small business (very small) kids, school, karate, basketball you’ve heard it all before. Hell you all live it! I’m just not sure if it’s that my Tivo is full or that I’m trying to record too many things at once and the processor is crying “Mama!”.

another shameless plug. When that happens it’s time for tea. Or coffee. It gives my cranium a chance to cool down and get caught up with itself. By the end of the night my brain is drained and is ready for a snuggie (just kidding. If you ever see me in one of those…, shoot me.)

As for now I’m going to crawl back into my tent listen to some soft music while I think of other places. Germany, Ireland perhaps. Maybe Australia. Just someplace that has cool stout and soft breezes.

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