Oscar Mania for the Insania.

It’s difficult to get wrapped up in the Oscar frenzy during times like these. Listening to many of these vapid, loose jawed individuals on the stage makes my teeth itch. I know many of them worked hard to get where they are but let’s face it. 95% of the reason they are where they are today is due to a good gene pool. It has been quite some time since someone that is wholly unattractive picked up an acting Oscar. I mean think about it. If I looked like Mel Gibson or Alec Baldwin in their hey day my chances would be much greater to win an Oscar than the reality of my looking like Bill Murray’s ugly half brother.

Shameless plug.

I have to admit I stopped watching the Oscars many years ago. I think it was the 3rd or 4th year Debbie Allen was the show choreographer. I just couldn’t take it anymore. The stuff she had those kids on stage doing left me feeling empty and insidious. Talented dancers should never have to be exposed to toxic banal choreography.

Another shameless plug.

My wife still loves the show. She has my 13 year old daughter hooked on it also. Thankfully I get to work during the broadcast and only catch pieces here and there. But what’s up with that actor love fest they had on stage. 5 actors on stage gushing over the 5 actors in the audience.  I found myself getting nauseous. I had to reach for these to even begin to come out of it.

What they should do is the “Joe Blow Oscars”.  I’d watch that. And it would probably be all of a half hour long. Something to ponder….

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