Polish Pottery from Boleslawiec, Poland

It has only been in recent times that I have begun to notice this special pottery from Poland.  Although the manufacturer has been around for quite some time I haven’t noticed it here in the states until the last few years. It is beautifully shaped with striking blue colors.  It is distinguished by the different flower patterns on the pottery that are the signature of the brand.

This pottery is glaze coated and fired at a temperature of 1,250 degrees Centigrade. This ensures that the pattern remains intact after years of daily use. It is usually lead and cadmium free.

Because this style of tableware is becoming increasingly popular, the Chinese have begun to copy it. At first glance the Chinese copies look very similar. But upon closer inspection you will notice that the patterns are flat and the mugs and plates don’t have the substance that the Boleslawiec pottery has.

I’ve never acquired the taste for coffee but have always enjoyed black tea. My wife is first generation Irish in America and is a coffee and black tea drinker also. For the past year  I have been using A Boleslawiec bubble mug for my afterwork tea and am very happy with it. It keeps the tea nice and hot and is a pleasure to look at as I drink from it. It has raised my interest in Poland and the Polish people.  I hope one day to get there and enjoy it’s rich history and culture.

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  1. Alisa says:

    I love polish pottery! My mom got me started and now I am hooked! There are so many amazing designs. I look forward to going to Poland someday to see where they make it in person!

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