E-Crater. Who Knew?

As E-bay continues to grow it becomes less feasible for a small guy like me to list small objects. Mainly Trading pins. I have a slew of Disney trading pins I have collected over the years. Quite a few cast member pins and a number of hard to find Cloisonne pins. I recently found another site that is an ideal outlet for all of my pins. That place is E-crater. Apparently it has been around for  4 or 5 years but I found it only a week ago. It’s perfect for my needs. I will be listing Trading pins and chocolate only at ECrater . I will still be offering all of the other Disney items (Snowglobes, Mugs, Plush, etc..,) and all of the chocolate we have become famous for at Omar’s Tent at E-bay. I have only just started at E-Crater and have yet to sell an item. But that has more to do with getting the site built up and bringing people in to see it. If you also have items you are looking to sell but the price is too small for E-bay then you might want to check E-Crater out. It’s a bit more work but could be more than worth it at the end.

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