M&M’s and You!

I love M&M’s! That’s why I sell them. I have always liked the milk chocolate and the peanut M&M’s. But when M&M/Mars started coming out with new flavors a whole new world appeared. One of  Peanut Butter and Almond and Cherry and Coconut. Speaking of coconut… They are a case in point of what drives me nuts with regards to the marketing folks at M&M’s. They come out with a flavor like coconut, distribute it in large bags and just as people start to notice them on the shelves they yank ’em away and either discontinue their sale or distribute them in the 1.5 ounce personal size only. I don’t get it. Wildly Cherry two years ago. People were nuts about them. M&M’s said they were a limited edition and to be honest they did keep that flavor on the shelf foe six months or so. But after six months they disappeared never to be heard from again. I was amazed that when they came out with peanut butter it would depart the shelves after a few months. Thankfully it outsells milk chocolate and peanut combined in areas where they compete for shelf space. Perhaps after my and others countless suggestions to them to leave these flavors on the shelf they will finally acquiesce. But for now as soon as a new flavor shows up I will announce it here and have it readily available for your enjoyment.

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