Black Friday with Jack

Jack Skellington has been popular since hitting the screens in The Nightmare Before Christmas in ’93. This time of year his popularity starts to rise at the beginning of October and carries through to Christmas. There is always a demand for his image but Halloween to Christmas it is doubly so. Disney has recognized that fact over the last few years and comes out with a number of products to capitalize on the demand. This year is no exception. We have a number of Jack’s mugs for sale this year. They are all excellent. Some years it seems not much thought is put into his image but this years’ crop is exceptional.

Great Mugs!

Jack SkellingtonI really like this mug. It has a new drawing of Jack and with a beautiful black and gray background for his ghastly white face. The pinstripes in the background are a particularly nice touch. The other side has a drawing of Jack from the waist up in a dramatic pose with his stylized name floating in the air.

The mug below is a classic style that has been produced the last few years. It is a shorter, more round mug that is all white except for Jack’s black as coal eyes and his stitched mouth grin.

To compliment Jack there is also a full color round mug of Sally that can be seen here and another here with Jack, Sally and Zero. All of The Nightmare Before Christmas items are wonderful but I find these mugs to be quite lovely. If you have a favorite that you don’t see here please let me know what it is. I love hearing about new and different items and would grateful to hear anything you might have to say.

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