French Roosters and their Mugs

A few years ago I discovered a surprisingly large subculture. Rooster fans. I was bemused at first but soon came to understand the attraction. A rooster in full plume and attitude is a beautiful thing. I have since found roosters adorning all manner of home and kitchen items. A multitude of rooster variations abound on mugs, platters and plates with paintings lovingly drawn.

Fall Rooster platter

I think people like to have a link to the rural past or pottery that reflects the life they love and have surrounded themselves with. Drinking your morning coffee out of a Rooster mug on a warm Sunday morning can be just the thing to start a lazy summer day.

Provencal Yell Golden Rooster

Or a vibrant red mug full of tea on a cold winter’s day.

King Rooster

Of course if you aren’t too keen on Roosters there’s always Sunflowers!

Golden Sunflower

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