Shipping With Omar part deux

I recently answered a e-mail from a nice young lady that was interested in shipping costs and wrote the following reply. I thought it might be helpful for further clarification on shipping costs.

Thanks so much for your interest in the M&M’s. I do combine shipments. However the savings comes when you order 10 or more of the large bags of M&M’s. Here’s out it works out:

3 bags M&M’s = $14.50 shipping cost (one flat rate envelope)
6 bags M&M’s = $29.00 shipping cost (two flat rate envelopes)
9 bags M&M’s = $43.50 shipping cost (three flat rate envelopes)
10 to 12 bags = $45.50 shipping cost (one medium flat rate box)
12 or more bags = $58.50 shipping cost (one large flat rate box)

That being said some bags combine better than others. For example I can fit 5 bags of Hershey’s drops in the same space I can place three large bags of M&M’s. If you have a good idea what you would like and quantities then I can work up a listing for you and give you an accurate shipping cost.

As far as the Coconut and Strawberried M&M’s go I am completely sold out of those and do not anticipate any more being available. Currently the Coconut M&M’s are only available in the one ounce personal size. If M&M decides to distribute them again then the large bags will probably start showing up around June.

Thank you again for your interest in the M&M’s. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions and if you would like me to put a listing together for you. Also, here is a link to my website and explanation of shipping costs.

Kind regards,

Jim Thomasson


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