Coffee with Disney’s Tinkerbell


Tinkerbell in Silver coffee mug

Tinkerbell in Silver coffee mug

One of the great things about Disney is they are constantly changing their products and product designs. It gives the Disney artists an opportunity to express the Disney characters in new and different ways. Tinkerbell is one of the Disney characters that has been given the opportunity to “express” herself in ways that just a few years ago would have never been considered. She’s sassier, sexier and sometimes grumpier then Walt ever created.

Some of the best displays I have seen of Tink have been on the coffee and latte mugs that Disney sells.

Tinkerbell Tall Latte Mug

Each year they come out with different designs on the mugs. Some years are better than others but by and large Tinkerbell is someone they want to get right. She usually wears green but recently they have had her wearing gold or silver.

Personally I like all of them. I especially like the mugs that have a close up drawing of her face. Like the one below, these have a lot of detail and expression.

Tinkerbell Tall Latte Face mug

If you have a minute I invite you to check them out. If for no other reason they are enjoyable to look at. As we approach the holidays I will have even more Tinkerbell mugs on display. Be sure to check back and see what else comes in.

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