Scrapbooking with Cricut

Scrapbooking is a whole new world to me. I never realized just how popular and intricate it is. It truly is a way for a person to express themselves artistically in an easily accessible way.

I remember my aunts were  very involved with it decades ago. Everything the did was with scissors, glue, tape, material and so on. That still goes on today but one of the products that seem to really revolutionized the scrapbooking world are the Cricut machines made by Provo Craft.

The machines ( and there are a number of different models) use a cartridge and a keyboard overlay that allows you to pick out the type of characters or designs you want to use. After punching it in and laying in the paper or material the machine does the rest. It’s quite remarkable to watch. There is also a Cricut machine that can be used to make cake and cookie decorations!

Some of the more popular cartridges I have come across are the Mickey Mouse Font, Bags,Tags Boxes and more, Sesame Street Friends and Spongebob die cut cartridges. They are great for decorating scrapbooks but also for party decorations or decorating around the home. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

If you are involved with scrapbooking or have just a passing acquaintance you may want to look at this product. It just might make your life a little easier and add a bit more enjoyment to your day.

If you have used the Cricut products or supplies please let me know what you think. I love to hear any and all information regarding this subject. The more I learn the better I am!

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