The New Kindle Fire part II

Kindle Fire

I purchased a Kindle Fire from Amazon six weeks ago and have come to like it even more than I expected to. What first caught my eye and brought me to the KF was the $199 price tag. At $300 dollars less than the base line Ipad it was hard to pass up. I realize that the Firer is not a direct competitor for the Ipad. It is not intended to have all of the performance features the ipad has or to process the same type of software for business applications. What the KF IS intended for is media delivery and web browsing and this it does very well.

The applications I wanted the Fire for was web browsing, ebooks and video delivery. With rare exception the book delivery has been flawless. I have downloaded a couple of hundred books so far and have had very few problems. The vast majority of the books I have downloaded are free or in the $0.99 to $3.99 price range. Even the few first run books I have purchased have been worth the price. An unexpected benefit of the Fire is that I have discovered a number of web sites that I can download free books from that are separate from Amazon. I have also found applications that can take ebooks that are in different formats and convert them so the Fire can read process them.

The video delivery has been spectacular. I have streamed video from Hulu and Netflix without issue. Youtube videos have been less spectacular and have come across as grainy or smeary. I think this may have more to do with how they were shot than how they are delivered through Amazon.

Web browsing has been wonderful. I use it at home, work and wherever I can find wifi hotspots while I am out. There has been criticism that the Fire does not have 3g capability. For my purposes I have no problem with this. I have no need to surf while traveling on the Kindle and have no desire to pay the data fees. Recently I went to WonderCon in Anaheim, CA and carried the Fire with me wherever I went. The convention center had free WiFi which allowed me to not only download the schedule and maps for the event but also go the WonderCon website for any updates or news of the day. All in a 15 ounce package.

If you decide to purchase a Kindle fire I do recommend that you purchase a stylus, screen protector and cover for the device. Be sure to shop around. There were a number of screen protectors out there and most of them were despised by those that purchased them. I am listing below the products I purchased and am very happy with.

Fimir Crystal Clear (invisible) Screen Protector Film for the Amazon Kindle Fire with Ultra easy installation (2 Packs)

AmazonBasics USB Cable – 2.0 A Male to Micro B (6 Feet / 1.8 Meters)

Kindle Fire Genuine Leather Cover by Marware, Black

Also, some apps. that have been quite handy are Evernote, DealNews and CalenGoo.  Along with Hulu and Netflix I use these three apps the most. You can find them all in the kindle app store.

If you have experience with the Kindle Fire please share it here. I am always looking for new information and would be happy to hear what you have to say!

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