Brave Merida for Christmas

braveDisney Has been making snow globes for years. In the early 2000’s the Disney company treated us to something akin to a “golden age” of snow globes. The Hercules, Beauty and the Beast and princess snow globes were particularly well designed and crafted. In recent years though there seems to have been a fall off in the number and quality of Disney globes.

Then came the Merida Snow globe from Brave. This is a simple yet elegant globe that hearkens back to the quality evident at the beginning of the Century. It features Merida alone in the globe ready to strike with her bow. Her mother, Elinor, as the bear standing behind her.

Merida was sold at the end of 2012 and has since been retired. These globes are becoming increasingly difficult, to near impossible to find. Now that we are entering the holiday season this gift would be a “Brave” choice for that special someone in your life.


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