Anna Perenna Celebration Series with P. Buckley Moss

virginianMany lovers of art, the world over, are familiar with the works of P. Buckley Moss. She is well known for her rural landscapes and depiction of family life in the rural and farm communities of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Anna Perenna is a maker of fine porcelain and collectibles known for their high quality and craftsmanship. The artist and the artisan have collaborated on many projects but no finer example, in my opinion, can be found than in the four plate “Celebration Series” issued between 1987 and 1990.

The first plate issued was titled “Wedding Joy”. This plate  was released in 1987. It is a wonderful piece of art that depicts a young couple on their wedding day in the back of a buggy being taken to their new home. Is very charming and speaks of the life in Amish style communities.

723363723_oSecond in the series is “The Christening”. A beautiful plate issued in 1988 that shows the married couple starting a family and the christening of a new baby. Lots of happiness and joy in the faces of the proud parents.

This is followed up in 1989 by the third issue titled “The Anniversary”. In this wonderful piece we see a joyful older couple 723099936_ocelebrating their many years of marriage by dancing on their anniversary. It is a scene the evokes what most of us hope will happen in our lives and that is to grow old and happy with the one we love.

In 1990 we finally come to “Family Reunion” the fourth and final issue in the series. Here we see the family altogether, young and old newlyweds and old hands enjoying their life together as family and celebrating the joy that family and community can bring.

It is a lovely series that is artfully done. Full of life, love, joy and happiness. Celebrating all that life has to bring.

If you have experienced the art of P.Buckley Moss please let us know what your experience was. SHe is a wonderful artist that needs to be shared by all.


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