It’s Not “Just Chocolate” Anymore

lipsThe moment your hand brushes the wrapping you know this is different. It doesn’t feel the same as it did when you grabbed a zagnut or took a chew of goobers. No, this is something else. You close your eyes and feel the give of the bag, your fingers sense the curves and bumps of luscious promise below. Your mouth starts to water, lips quiver in anticipation. Not able to stand it any longer you tear the top off, thrust your hand down firmly but gently so you don’t harm what your fingers need, your mouth craves.

Then you touch it, it seems to almost rise to your fingers. You bring it to your mouth, dark mmscloser, closer until your lips part and the smooth skin of the candy shell hits your tongue. You’re almost tempted to kiss it but you can’t help it, you bite down and the explosion of rich dark chocolate covers your mouth in a sensoral ecstasy. Dark chocolate m&m’s, once you go dark…., well, you know the rest.

If you find the dark experience to be too overwhelming you can stay with the milk chocolate. Well, you can try. Because even though the passion of dark was more than you could dark pnut mmshandle the milk chocolate will seem, vanilla-ish. So you search elsewhere. You know your limitations. You need to get experience, new sensations. The world is beginning to open up for you. You’re looking for Mr. Goodbar  but it’s not a goodbar that you want. You need something else. Something exotic, something wild, but not too wild. You have to learn to ride first. You need something that promises to take you all the way but will really just get you to the edge before going over.

Then out of nowhere she’s next to you.

No words are spoken just a look. It’s electric, shocking! Then you see it. You understand that she has exactly what you need, what you’ve been searching for. She reaches down to a hidden place. A place that holds the key, a place of magic and wonder. Her hand comes up, you craspberry mmslose your eyes, her finger touches your lips and she pushes it in. You feel it slide on your tongue. This is new, it’s different. It’s wild, it takes you where you want to go. Then you know! You feel, you taste, the chocolate, the raspberry. Oh my God! Two worlds that should never come together but do. In your mouth a new reality is exposed and excitement is renewed. Raspberry m&m’s will take you where you never dared go before.

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