Attack on Titan Movie: Where’s Levi?

I’m not a Manga fan nor am I an anime fan, but I am a huge fan of Attack on Titan. I stumbled across the series by accident. I was home sick from work for a few days and started surfing through Netflix. I came across Attack on Titan and was immediately hooked. I binge watched the series over the two days at home and couldn’t get enough. I liked all of the main characters but identified most with Captain Levi. I’ve been anticipating the release of the movie ever since I heard the announcement last year. the U.S. release for part 1 is September 30th of this year. What’s perplexing is why did the film makers decide to ignore Levi completely? Some of the blogs I have read mentioned that the film wanted to concentrate on the relationship between Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Jaeger and they felt Levi would get in the way of that. Granted, I haven’t read Attack on Titan 1 so I don’t know if the brother sister relationship between the two turns into something else but keeping Levi out of the movie seems to me to be akin to Star Wars without Han Solo.

LeviRegardless, I plan to watch the movies. Some say its awful others call it good. I’ll see for myself and enjoy it for what it is good or bad. Thankfully I have Levi at home that I can look at from time to time and consider how much better the film would have been with him in it.

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